Can pets feel our feelings? This is what science says

People quickly feel connected to their four-legged friends is a sure thing, but what about empathy? Does a pet understand your feelings or is it big bullshit? Side roads Explore and dive into science.

Suggested Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien total test In a study with dogs. To test whether the insects recognize human emotions, they were trained to recognize an image of happiness or anger. If the dogs got it right, they were rewarded with a reward. What does it look like? The dogs knew exactly when a stranger wore an angry or happy face.

calm pets

Dogs can recognize 70 to 80 percent of a happy face from their eyes alone. An angry face turns out to be a little trickier: this may indicate that dogs prefer to stay away from angry people. We cannot blame them.

In addition, dogs pay extra attention to the person who is crying. This is evident from a study from 2020, which in Canadian magazine Journal of Experimental Psychology figured out. To investigate, the scientists looked at the dog’s response when its owner or a stranger laughed or cried. Sure enough, when someone has to cry, the dog pays more attention to that person. sweet!

Cats also seem to be full of empathy

And what about cats? Maurya Galvan and Jennifer Funk of the University of Auckland did Research To twelve cat owners and their pets. Here, too, the following applies: when the owner made an angry face, the cats reacted differently than when they made a cheerful appearance.

Spinning, cupping, and crawling in your lap. Cats did this especially when they saw their owner with a smiling face. The researchers found that cats wanted to spend relatively more time with a smiling owner than with an angry person.

Does your pet sleep in your bed? Beware, it can be dangerous!

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Can pets feel our feelings? This is what science says

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