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Do you sometimes feel like it rains more in your house than anywhere else? Or maybe it’s the other way around, and your garden’s rainfall drops a lot. This feeling may be true. Because in certain parts of Belgium, rain falls from the sky more often than in other places.

After the rain comes the sunshine. But in some parts of Belgium they see more rain than sun. This can be seen in the Belgian Climate Atlas of the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI). It shows the geographic distribution of the “norms” for various meteorological parameters such as precipitation. “Normal” is the average value over 30 years. long term average. The Republic of the Marshall Islands is currently considering the period from January 1, 1991 to December 31, 2020.

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What is immediately striking is that there is a huge difference between the driest and wetter places in our country. In Haspengouw it falls about 700 mm annually, while it is 1400 mm in the High Fens. On average, 910 mm falls annually in our country. Locally, the greatest rainfall is observed in the Libramont-Carlsbourg-Bouillon region as well as in Baraque de Fraiture.

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An important factor in this story is the location of the site. Higher regions can expect more precipitation than lower regions. That’s because the relief forces the air to rise, making it easier for rain clouds to form. So it is not surprising that there is less precipitation on the coast, for example. Although it is better to stay away in the fall, because it rains more often due to the warm sea water. The driest place in our country is the Sint-Truiden region.

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What about the number of days it rains? As the Republic of Marshall Islands measures it. On average, Belgium has 142 days with at least 1mm of rain. And in the areas where it falls the most, it also rains. In Haspengouw and on the coast it rains between 120 and 130 out of 365 days, and in the southeast it easily exceeds 150 days.

And for those who don’t like all that rain and love the sun: The sunniest spot in the country is the coast.

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