Care and Health files complaint against call center after potential contact tracing fraud

The Health and Welfare Agency has ended its collaboration with Yource call center. The call center may have committed fraud by allowing employees to act as call trackers, when in fact they were doing other work.

An article by Het Laatste Nieuws states that Mifratel, a subsidiary of Yource, may have committed fraud by incorrectly submitting invoices in the context of contact tracing. Following questions from Het Laatste Nieuws, the same agency has also investigated the facts, receiving indications that Yource charged services that were not in fact for the connection investigation and deliberately allowing connection agents to incorrectly log in to the connection investigation’s communication platform.

This is why the agency hires a lawyer to report potential fraud to the public prosecutor. In addition, she is also preparing a civil complaint and the consortium has terminated cooperation with Yource. To be on the safe side, Zorg en Gezondheid also has an external audit that is performed at other call centers. Invoices of other call centers should be checked and internal control mechanisms checked.

“The modus operandi within Yource as described in Het Laatste Nieuws is unacceptable,” answers Dirk Dewolf, general manager of Care and Health. “Moreover, in our view, this method amounts to willful deception or even fraud. So we will file a criminal complaint against Yource. We want the court to thoroughly investigate Yource method, counterfeit invoices and if fraud suspicions are confirmed. All fraudulent invoice payments.”

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