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On Monday evening, children in Utrecht, Netherlands put two small pigeons in a box and started playing football with him. It happened in a park near the Overfisher police station. Two other children intervened to see the incident. They delivered the box with the pigeons to the police station, where the animal ambulance picked them up in Utrecht.

“It’s so sad about the words,” Heti van Ostenberg said from the animal ambulance. “Unfortunately, we are no longer surprised by this. It often happens that pigeons play football.”

This time the chicks were put into a box, but sometimes the pigeon was kicked. Sometimes very small or weak pigeons are thrown together for fun. Nine times out of ten, the reports come from Overvecht. You don’t understand how people can do that. “

Presumably there was a pigeon nest in the garden that was disturbed. “There were a few dead animals. Maybe parents or a few young people. The animals were still on their heads. They were a few weeks old and were too young to fly.”

Broken leg

The two pigeons in the broken tiered box are okay by the way. They were subjected to stress but nothing was broken and not injured. “They did a really good job,” says Van Oostenbrugge. “We also often see pigeons that have been abused with a broken leg or broken wing. Unfortunately we have to put them to sleep. These two pigeons were brought to the bird sanctuary. There they are taken very well so they can escape after all.”

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Nothing else is known about the children playing soccer, except that they are between the ages of ten and fourteen. “They shouldn’t have disturbed the nest themselves. Maybe it was already on the ground. But then to play soccer with those pigeons? You get shivers in your spine there.”

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