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China deployed trucks on a large scale to prevent the advance of a group of wild elephants. They are more than 500 kilometers from their homeland and are now causing havoc near the city of Kunming, where more than eight million people live.

State television showed pictures of a long line of trucks parked on a forested road. For example, the fifteen large animals should be kept away from densely populated areas. “We are here to stop the elephants,” one driver told CCTV. “The traffic police said they needed trucks. I will stay here as long as I need,” the truck driver said.


Elephants have already left a trail of devastation in small communities. There they passed people’s gardens and knocked on trees. Since mid-April, the outbreaks have destroyed about 56 hectares of crops. Damages amount to approximately one million euros.

One villager, nervous about the elephants passing earlier, testified: “The herd walked around the village all day.” “We went out and saw an elephant that was three meters high. We were terrified.”

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The authorities sent thousands of people to monitor the animals. They use drones and infrared cameras. It is still unclear why the animals left the Xishuangbana Nature Reserve in Yunnan Province. Their journey is closely followed on Chinese social media and there is also a lot of speculation as to why the elephants travel.

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tropical forest

A user of the Chinese website Weibo, similar to Twitter, shared a screenshot of several news articles about the destruction of the rainforest in the elephant habitat. “I hope the authorities can provide an answer,” he wrote in the post. The post got more than 31,000 likes in a single day.

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