China establishes a “floating border” in the disputed area in the South China Sea | outside

One of the world’s busiest trade routes passes through the South China Sea. About ten percent of the world’s fish catch is also produced in the region. China claims sovereignty over about 90% of the South China Sea, which is also bordered by Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia. They are also demanding parts of it.

The South China Sea has been the source of many conflicts with China for years. According to the Philippines, the new incident occurred in the Scarborough Reef area. There is a chain of islands with underwater coral reefs where Filipino fishermen ply their activities. This is no longer possible due to “floating borders”.

The Philippine Coast Guard strongly condemns the Chinese facility. “It deprives fishermen of their livelihood,” Coast Guard spokesman Jay Tarella said on X (formerly Twitter). It is a floating barrier about 300 meters long, providing access to the lake where fish are caught.

China took control of the disputed area in 2012, after which Filipino fishermen are no longer allowed to visit. Under the policies of former Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, relations with China improved, leading to fishermen being allowed to return. But since his successor, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., took office last year, tensions have risen again.

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