China is angry at an active asylum in Great Britain

Nathan Low, a Chinese activist and former politician, was granted asylum in Great Britain. China says the UK is harboring a “criminal suspect”.

In June 2020, Nathan Law, a Hong Kong pro-democracy activist, fled to Britain. Six months later, he applied for political asylum there. On Wednesday, he announced that his request had been approved. He said that the arrest warrant issued by the Chinese authorities substantiated his allegations Watchman.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Legan stressed Thursday that the law is “a suspected criminal wanted by the Hong Kong Police. The UK should immediately correct its mistake and stop interfering in Chinese affairs.”

The law first came to prominence during the umbrella movement, the democratic protests in Hong Kong in 2014. Since then, it has spoken regularly against the Chinese authorities. When China responded harshly to European sanctions following the alleged detention camps in Xinjiang, Luo called on Europe to “not back down after an attack on freedom of expression.” Until then, China responded that Europe should not care about internal affairs. The relationship between China and Europe has long been tense due to punitive camps where Uyghur minorities have to pick cotton.

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