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MovieOne day later, Mila Jovovich’s new movie “Monster Hunter” (44) was removed from Chinese cinemas. The reason is a sentence from the movie that the Chinese would be racist. The Huffington Post reported that.

In Monster Hunter, two soldiers joke with each other while driving in the desert. One of them, played by Asian American rapper Jin O Young, asks the other to take a look at his knees. “What kind of knees are these? Chinese!” Or in English (where it chimes): “What kind of knees are these? Chinese.”

Not really an innocent joke, because the sentence seems to refer to an old rhyme: “Rode Chinese, Japanese, dirty, look at this.” In the past, this song was often sung as a racial melody by non-Asian children and thus has negative connotations for many Asians and Asian Americans.

Due to criticism, the film was removed from Chinese cinemas after just one day. It is not clear if the film will return to theaters at a later time.

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