Citizens struggle to balance health and well-being during economic crisis – Dagblad Suriname

A recent poll on the Dagblad Suriname website showed that the vast majority of citizens are struggling to find the right balance between health and well-being in the current poor economic conditions. Of the respondents, 61% (759 votes) indicate that they are not successful at this at all, while 23% (282 votes) indicate that they are sometimes able to do so and only 17% (211 votes) indicate that they are not able to do so. Difficulty with this balance.

The causes of this balance problem can be diverse. First, economic downturns may require citizens to prioritize finances over health and well-being. The high costs of living and health care make it difficult for many people to eat a varied diet, exercise regularly, or manage stress. Access to and quality of health services can also be affected by budget cuts and economic hardship.

In addition, psychological factors may play a role. Uncertainty and stress associated with economic problems can contribute to a reduced ability to make good health and well-being decisions.

Thus, survey data reflect an important social issue that policymakers and health professionals should pay attention to. In light of the findings, targeted interventions and support programs can be developed to help citizens make choices that are beneficial to their overall health and well-being, despite the economic challenges they face.

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