Cold and dry weather reduces the Jersey Royals potato crop

April was a cold, dry month with long cold nights and ground frosts in the UK. The Channel Islands also had to contend with very unusual weather this year.

This week, the island of Jersey dried up without rain after 15 days in a row. Only 12 mm of rainfall was reported, which is less than the average of 56.7 mm.

Nicole Holiday of the Jersey Royal Company: “We had a lot of rain in January, which made it difficult to plant potatoes, followed by sub-zero temperatures and snowfall in February.

This weather has slowed down the Jersey Royals crop, yields are low and the size is currently small.

“If it rains for us, then the harvest will catch up. We irrigate as much as possible, but the fields in Jersey are very small, difficult to access and water is scarce. We will continue to supply retailers and wholesalers. This year’s demand is by far the best and Jersey Royal on TV and social media There is a lot of media attention, including famous chefs promoting potatoes. ”

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