Commission investigating whether Trump was a member of a “criminal plot” to storm the Capitol | abroad

Former US President Donald Trump may have been part of a criminal plot to storm the Capitol. This is how the committee made up of the US House of Representatives is investigating. This is what he writes in the British Guardian newspaper.

The commission believes that the storm may have been orchestrated to prevent the official inauguration of Joe Biden. After all, the Capitol was stormed on January 6, and the opening took place on January 20. Several thousand letters – in which the Trump White House informed some Republicans about the plans – should provide evidence of this.

Obstruction or conspiracies?

Initially, the commission will investigate whether Trump and his associates have broken the law. A former US president may be charged with obstruction because he did nothing for hours during the storm, while many people committed acts in his name. In addition, there may now be a conspiracy between some political pawns and extremist groups that eventually stormed the Capitol.

Mark Meadows, Trump’s former chief of staff, was previously indicted. He is said to have given a PowerPoint presentation to the US Congress containing plans to commit a coup. The PowerPoint title was “Election Fraud, Foreign Interference, and Choices Before January 6th”. He stated, among other things, that Trump might declare a national emergency in order to stay in power for a longer period.

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