Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. Virologist Fiat Mays: “It can go both ways”

The UK has postponed the final phase of mitigation to July 19, mainly due to the increasing number of epidemics, especially with the delta variant (the World Health Organization calls the variant identified in India). It is somewhat unclear why this variation is increasing strongly among the English, he says Pete Mass, Virologist at the Rega Institute of KU Levan.

“According to the data now available, the delta variant is 30 to 40 percent more contagious than the alpha variant (‘British’ variant, version), but there are no special mutations that make it a kind of supervisor. So it’s not clear what caused this increase. The situation in the kingdom? “

It is not clear what caused this increase. Is it a virus or conditions in the UK?

The fact that the United Kingdom has a large Indian population may play a role, “but we see an increase in delta diversity in other countries, for example in Russia.” The British vaccination system may be important. “They mainly focused on the first injection. In the meantime it is clear that two injections are needed to fully protect. So the delta variant is likely to be in circulation very easily.”

In our country, the delta variant accounts for about 12 percent of all confirmed infections. “We definitely need to take that into account and it could go both ways,” Mays says. “Infections are falling sharply, the vaccination rate is very high. There are all sorts of positive things at this time. It’s not uncommon for this variation to take over, so it’s important to keep the number of infections as low as possible.”

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