Confusion transcends: Indoor sports also for young children…

The ministerial decree that comes into force today stipulates that there are also restrictions on the exercise of young children – contrary to what the Flemish government previously stated.

It seemed clear: for children aged 12 or younger, there were no restrictions on exercise. Indoor and outdoor activities will still be possible. That was the clear line of the Flemish government on Tuesday evening at the press conference. “We care about the vulnerable: our children,” said Education and Sports Minister Ben Waits (N-VA).

This is indicated in the ministerial decision, which will enter into force on Thursday. Indoor sports can no longer be practiced, not even for those twelve years of age or younger. What was allowed on Tuesday, is no longer allowed today. Many parents see the activity of their children falling into the water in this way. This is in fact the opposite of what the Flemish government decided. But the ministerial decision has the last word,” confirms Michael Devolder, a spokesman for Minister Waits. The Cabinet receives all kinds of questions from sports clubs, but it has to disappoint them.

political decision

“I understand the confusion,” said Eve Stevens, a spokesperson for the crisis center. Flanders would have announced it differently, but the ministerial decision is clear. Indoor sports facilities are closed. This is a political decision and should be considered in an attempt to avoid social contacts as much as possible.

There are two important exceptions. For example, sports camps can continue during the fall holidays (one night cannot be accommodated) and gymnastics lessons can also be conducted in elementary school.

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More stringent measures are also being taken in various municipalities. It is often decided to close all sports infrastructure in the coming weeks.

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