Constitutional Court: Wheelchairs, scooters, and electric skateboards also require compulsory insurance

What about electric scooters, electric wheelchairs, snowboards and mono wheels? In principle, managers can now be fined if they are not insured. Whether there is a good chance that police officers will now issue collective fines is an open question. But in theory this is possible. The courts will have to rule on this matter, and may base themselves on this Constitutional Court ruling. “The question is whether judges will follow the Constitutional Court’s ruling on the merits,” explains Barbara Van Spiebrook. She is a spokeswoman for Assuralia, the umbrella organization for insurance companies.

“If courts follow this, it’s up to politics, they can do different things with this. They can write a new law, with clear criteria. Or we can refer to the European directive, which states that all motor vehicles should have mandatory liability insurance. If our country retreats. For this steering, electric scooters and the like will need insurance. ” In some European countries, which already apply the directives strictly, this insurance is already mandatory.

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