Contactless payment problems after updating Google Pixel

Some Google Pixel smartphones have issues with contactless payments after an update. After downloading the March update, it is no longer possible to pay without touching. It doesn’t happen on all devices, but a number of them can no longer make contactless payments with Google Pay.

Pixel update

It doesn’t seem to be a specific type of device: problems pop up randomly. So if you’re paying a lot of contactless payments with your Pixel, it might be best to wait a little longer before downloading the update that came out last Monday (although you’ll miss out on certain security updates). Have you downloaded the update but no problems? The bad news: The problem can happen out of nowhere, writes 9to5Google

You can identify it by a message on your screen that says: “Your phone does not meet software standards.” You cannot make purchases without touching the device. Google Pay can still be used to make online payments. You can also see the status of contactless payment without this notification. To do this, go to your Play Store account avatar > Settings > About > Play Protect Certification.

Contactless Payment

It has nothing to do with unstable betas: this is just about the big update that will reach everyone. You can also choose to go into the Android Beta program to fix it, but that means you’ll have to stay on that version of Android until the release of Android 12 QPR3 in June. So it’s probably best to wait for Google to come up with a solution.

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The issue seems to occur on all types of Pixel devices: 4a, Pixel 4a 5G And the Pixel 5 anyway. It seems to be on Google’s side, so hopefully the company will soon come up with another update that will bring everyone back to their hearts content. contact can drive.

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