‘Cooks in moderation and is quiet like a wooden doll’: A Chinese woman is suddenly in confinement with a blind date

The woman told her story to a local newspaper this week. She was in Zhengzhou for a week to meet on several dates. “I grew up one day and I’m still single,” Wang said. “So my family introduced me to ten dates.”

There is no doubt that Wang will not soon forget the fifth date. Because the guy wanted to show her his cooking, Wang went to his house on their first date. While they were having a nice dinner, a strict lockdown was imposed and the area was sealed off.

China has a zero virus policy. This means cities can be quickly and unexpectedly put into lockdown when infection is detected. So the woman was stuck, and had to spend the reservation with her blind date.

good care

Then Wang started posting short videos on WeChat about her life on lockdown. Videos have become a huge hit on social media in no time. Viewed by millions of people.

Her date is well shown in the videos: she shows how he cooks for her, does the housework and works while taking a nap. But despite all the good care, the spark didn’t fly. “This is not an ideal situation,” she said in one of her videos. “She cooks in moderation and is as quiet as a wooden doll.”

Meanwhile, Wang took some videos offline after the man received a lot of phone calls from friends. “It affected his life, so I took the videos offline,” Wang said. “Thank you everyone for the attention. I hope the outbreak ends soon and that my single sisters find a relationship soon as well.” It’s not clear how long they ended up with each other.

This is not the first time that a lockdown in China has led to an absurd situation. Last month, the story of a Chinese man who suddenly became stuck in lockdown during one of the move also circulated. He didn’t even get time to get his bags out of the car and had to borrow a quilt from the neighbors.

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