Coronablog – Omikron variant appears in more and more countries, “field agents” have to monitor the spread of the new variant

The health ministers of the G7 countries (Canada, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan and the United States) emphasized the importance of vaccines in the fight against the Omicron variant of the coronavirus. In a joint statement, after a digital meeting, they said it was of “strategic importance” to ensure access to vaccines.

According to the ministers, this means, among other things, that promises to donate vaccines must be expedited. They also say vaccination campaigns in developing countries should be accelerated. Support is needed for this, but there is nothing to read about concrete promises.

The G7 also praised South Africa. “The ministers commend the exemplary work of South Africa in discovering the alternative and alerting other countries,” she added.

The World Health Organization has already described the omikron variant discovered in South Africa as worrisome. The European Center for Disease Control and Control, ECDC, said it is concerned that current vaccines are less effective against the alternative. But the exact impact of the omikron variant remains a question mark.

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