Couleur Café (Festive Day 3): The last bursts of energy

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To start the last day of Couleur Café well, the sun also attended. In the public view of the Atomium, artists such as Sampa The Great, AJ Tracey, Mr Eazi and Nathy Peluso had the opportunity to show themselves to the Belgian people, while STIKSTOF came to play home matches.

Samba The Great Red Stage

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Samba is proud to be the last company to open the main stage of Couleur Café this year. The artist, who has roots in Australia, Botswana and Zambia, is what the festival stands for. As a result, he was invited to the Blue Stage in the previous edition, 2019, and was allowed to repeat that trick in the red variant this year. “Energy” Samba immediately brought some lives to The Ossekem Park by The Great, where it was already clear to some that they had already completed two festive days. With his Zambian band, and his sister and cousin playback singers, he brought us a mix of raw hip-hop, sprinkled with some African soul and jazz. This brilliant display was a perfect match for the pleasant temperature and sun we got to see for the first time at the festival. His version of Fujis’ “Fu-ji-la” and Gabriel Carson-Montano’s “Aguda” remix were two cherries in an otherwise overflowing bag. Samba The Great proved with its energetic set that it was able to easily digest the transition from small blue to large red.

AJ Tracy @ Red Stage

Straight from the dull Ladbroke Groove in west London, AJ Tracy rode around our capital. Brit is one of the most promising names in the British hip-hop scene. While the heavy 808 kicks delivered the first mossbits of the day quickly, he proved it by bringing coolness through his ice. With his smooth flow and dry British accent, AJ Tracy put the songs together. The man not only brought drill beats from the United Kingdom, but also the Dark Garage. For example, the danceable “Dinner Guest” was transformed into “Rain”, his collaboration with Aich, the brilliance of another British development, where the drill beats sent energy to the audience. We also got the honor of hearing “Diego Silva” again, but he usually does not perform live. This time no one came on stage to rap Dave’s versesUnfortunately, his set stalled when he broke the middle of the latter song and disappeared from the stage twenty minutes earlier. Everyone was expecting him to be back soon, but as soon as they started taking everything off the stage it soon became clear that everything was over.

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Nitrogen @ red state

With brand new Slough Under their arms, the men of STIKSTOF were given the opportunity to completely demolish the main stage of their favorite Brussels festival. For the Swankare hand, it was the second chance he got in three days. Like their AB shows, we saw DJ Vega and Astrophysics behind the scenes while ZG and Jazz serving pit bulls. It is clear from the vote for the Red Stage that four Pentagon members are one of the most popular bands on the bill. Classic, barking dogs like “On the Grave” and “2010” clearly bite, especially if a third dog, Astro, comes behind his desk, making it clear quickly. The guys who were on stage during “FRONTAL” did not have to rap because the audience could hear the song word for word. When they did, they unleashed another moshpit in the front row for the eleventh time. After a little energy outflow Torture The time has come to release the title song Slough At Ossegem Park. With the hard boom pop beats of “BRAK & GUY” and “FAMILY ABOVE ALLES” a kind of suffocation was found in the men’s set, though all associated with STIKSTOF. After garnered all the praise for the trio behind Mike, DJ Vega deserves praise for his live scratches on “Foundelekers”.

“Everything is broken” and “Ambrose” were actually taken by those in the mashpits because we would be surprised if no skulls were broken. As a result the aggression and power effortlessly extended to the new “M5”, which has already become a fan favorite. King Philip had to look for a new job and home because nitrogen showed who the real kings of this country were.

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Mr. Easy @ Green Platform

Anyone who needs a rest after nitrogen should look for the stem, not to go to the green stage where Mr. Easy gave himself the best. Performs Nigerian pop style music, in which it is forbidden to keep the hips immobile. Unfortunately, like yesterday’s IAMDDB and Bas, Mr Eazi also fell victim to his DJ warming, while the rest of the band was a bit out of work. Fifteen minutes later when the singer appeared on the scene, his brilliant beats turned the Amphitheater into a hot oasis. The body heat that the Nigerian had when he entered the race went out fast. From the very first song, Mr. Easy reached out to the audience by letting them sing and applaud, which immediately won him great praise. It is a pity that in the beginning he was not always able to clearly understand behind his pulse. Songs like “Bad Wipe” and “Miss You Bad” provided an African dance party in the heart of Brussels.

In addition to his style of music, Mr. Easy did not hesitate to add some recreation to his collection in the form of “She Loves Me”. For those who don’t think the first part of the show is dancing enough, Mr Easy exploded with twice as much energy as it did in some Jamaican ballroom within an hour. The Nigerian star lovingly concluded the song “Legalize” which he sang while proposing to his girlfriend in order to give us peace of mind. On the green stage, Mr. Easy hosted a brilliant banquet in which he did not shy away from interacting with the audience.

Nathi Belusசோ Red Stage

Couleur Café’s task of closing the huge stage was entrusted to Nathy Peluso. In Spanish-speaking countries, the singer is a true superstar, but in our region he has not yet reached the level of someone like Rosala. From the small number of visits on the Red Stage it was clear that Nathi had not yet made a big name for herself. Fortunately, the Argentine singer did not take this to heart, and she flew with “CELEBRÉ” like a real pop diva. Immediately we had the feeling that those who stood aside were wrong. His band with “Sana Sana” gave a wonderful pulse while Nathi shook the movements from her legs which would tear our muscles when we think about it. A talented Marionette player, he played the audience with his song as well as his dancing skills.

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With a brilliant mix of Bossa Nova, Soul and Jazz with R&B Sauce, he transformed Couleur Café into a beloved Argentine place where the public danced more than once. As if this were not enough, he also gave an alternative costume to the tunes of some R&B classic songs from Argentina. In addition to her clothes, she returned with a new microphone, which was fitted with a GoPro, which provided interesting scenes planned behind her back. After Nathi started jumping on the ropes in the tone of “Business Woman”, we knew there was nothing more to surprise us in Argentina. With her gigantic performance of song, dance and figure, Nathi Beluso was crowned the festival’s biggest pop diva at the last minute and invited those in attendance closer. After Nathi’s last notes, the last dubs and bass are dead on other levels, and Couleur Café’s wonderful world is closed again for a year.

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There are many more opportunities for those who want to see STIKSTOF work this summer. The group is still performing at RockWerker, Buccaneer Pop and Manifesta in Ostend. With our northern neighbors they are allowed to make the rabbit hole unsafe.

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