crazy!? Draws attention to mental health with a large metal head at Festival Dranouter: ‘One in four will have to deal with psychological issues at some point’ | country hill

crazy!? is a non-profit organization that makes mental health in Flanders a topic of discussion. The organization is no stranger to Heuvelland because since 2015, Te Gek has dominated the De Belcanto Classic racing event. “Crazy!? The President has made it work for years. We want to make it clear that we are all at risk. One in four people will have to deal with psychological issues on their own,” says curator Mark Hellinks. “So we are happy to come to Festival Dranouter with our message.” The non-profit does so in a striking way, with a large art installation in the shape of a head.Work by young artist Martin Schaubruck of Roeselare.” The head floats high over the festival meadow, but descends at regular intervals. In those moments, visitors to the festival can enter a positive and anonymous message that they have written on a piece of cloth. The people are then given a piece of “food for thought” that they can tie around their head or wrist. It reads: I’m so crazy!? You too?”

A few artists immediately set a good example and sent a positive message to the head: Guido Belcanto, Claes Delrue, Lara Chadraoui, Wim Oberuk, Anis Capel, Jean de Smet and Genty Pironet and Sarah Peebles of the Portland Band. Next, the head goes to Westouter Village Square in anticipation of the Pelcanto Classic on Monday, August 29th. In addition to organizing the Belcanto Classic, Heuvelland encourages activities related to mental health. This is why so many things revolve around “Too crazy!?” in the municipality this year. And soon you will receive the quality mark “Zot van Te Gek!?” to receive.”

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