Criticisms of Commission Chairman Van der Leyen are growing: Why is he being accused? Can she soften the folds?

Ann On January 22, AstraZeneca announced that it would not provide the EU with a 100 million dose in the first quarter, as previously promised, but only 31 million. This news is coming at a particularly bad time. Previously, Biotech / Pfizer also cut supplies. Governments in all member states are under pressure. The number of infections has not dropped enough, there is no question of great relaxation, people are tired. Some vaccines are given. At the same time, everyone in the UK is looking at vaccinations, including vaccines from AstraZeneca.

The European Commission is forced to act harshly. This requires Astrogene to publicly respect its contractual obligations. Pascal Soriat, the CEO of AstraZeneca, wins back in a few newspaper interviews. In short, he says: The treaty with the EU only compels us to do what we can, the British simply ordered from us. Conflict escalates, secret agreement becomes General Created (except for the passages which are to be kept secret at the request of AstraZeneca). The CEO does not seem to have told the whole truth. The agreement states that AstraZeneca guarantees that it will not enter into any other agreements that would make the effectiveness of the agreement with the EU impossible. The company must make the agreed distributions and not make an excuse to prioritize another contract.

This may contradict AstraZeneca’s agreement with the British government. Incidentally, that deal has not yet been made public. AstraZeneca may have made promises to the EU and the UK, but simply cannot do so. The agreement also states that AstraZeneca will produce vaccines for the EU and the EU in the United Kingdom. No production issues on UK sites. Since we started there a few months ago, the CEO insists again at an online press conference.

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Check out an excerpt from the AstroGeneca CEO press conference (read more below the video):

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