Crystal Palace vs Leicester Live: Results, final score and reaction today

Milivozhevik hammer house to defeat Leicester

Leicester avoided defeat on Boxing Day against Manchester United, but failed to win, allowing Everton to advance to second place ahead of Fox. However, a draw would be enough today for Leicester to take second place, but Brendan Rodgers’ side will be aiming for more than that on the trip to south London. Despite the injury to Ricardo Pereira, they are ready to welcome back fit-back defender Kokler Choungu to help with that search.

Following on Liverpool’s 7-0 defeat to Aston Villa on Saturday, the Palace need some change in luck, despite the opponents initially reduced to 10 men. As Roy Hodgson pressured them to turn their slide table, the Palace could close the gap in the top half of the table with a home win, with changes expected in the Eagles, although Gary Cahill has been sidelined by a femoral injury. Follow the live updates below.


Chelsea 0-0 Aston Villa

Who remembers this nobility between the two sides at Christmas 2007/08?

Emmet Gates28 December 2020 17:05


Chelsea 0-0 Aston Villa

Arriving in 30 minutes, we will receive information about the Chelsea clash against Aston Villa.

Emmet Gates28 December 2020 17:03


Crystal Palace 1-1 Leicester City


Crystal Palace 1-1 Leicester City

It completes all the squares in London. The first half was a very entertaining game, the second half was not so much.

Palace’s goal was the complete opposite of the game’s, and Leicester took half to go in the 80th minute, unable to do much for themselves as a result.

Brendan Rogers will see this as he drops two points for his team.

Emmet Gates28 December 2020 16:55


Crystal Palace 1-1 Leicester City

90 + 3 ‘: Chance for Leicester, Justin’s cross finds Perez inside the box, but Winger’s shot is too monotonous and it flies over the bar.

Emmet Gates28 December 2020 16:53


Crystal Palace 1-1 Leicester City

90 + 2 ‘: Can we get a winner?

Emmet Gates28 December 2020 16:51


Crystal Palace 1-1 Leicester City

90 ‘: Four minutes injury time to play.

Emmet Gates28 December 2020 16:49


Crystal Palace 1-1 Leicester City

90 ‘: Grave’s effort was fast, but not slow, and it went high on the bar.

Emmet Gates28 December 2020 16:49


Crystal Palace 1-1 Leicester City

89 ‘: A free-kick to Leicester in the most dangerous situation outside the box.

Emmet Gates28 December 2020 16:47


Crystal Palace 1-1 Leicester City

88 ‘: A reminder of what could be done at the palace counter, they seemed to be heading towards the goal, but the Pentagon lost momentum.

The game suddenly came to life in the last 10 minutes.

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