Cuba suspends activities of Spanish news agency Efe | Abroad

Amerise says five Efe journalists had to meet with the head of the International Press Center on Saturday. Subsequently, their permit to work as a journalist in Cuba was revoked. It is not yet clear if this is a temporary or permanent ban. According to Amers, two journalists regained their accreditation after negotiations.

A few days ago, Effie published an interview with the leader of the illegally declared opposition rally, playwright Junor García Aguilera. Cuban security forces surrounded his home on Sunday, García Aguilera wrote on social media, shortly before he staged a solo demonstration in Havana wearing a white rose.

Effie’s president, Gabriela Cañas, called on the Cuban government to “reconsider” the decision. “Effie is an objective and responsible agency that has been reporting on the island for more than 40 years and does not understand the reason for this action,” she told Spanish news agency Europa Press. Amnesty International also criticized the decision.

On July 11, Cuba spontaneously erupted into the largest mass protests in decades. There was a campaign for more freedom and against economic mismanagement. Then the authorities arrested hundreds of protesters.

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