DANA causes rain and cold temperatures in part of Spain

Spring is the season of renewal and flowering, but in some parts of Spain this period can also be accompanied by erratic and stormy weather. Spain is a country with a diverse climate, with some areas experiencing much more rainfall and harsher weather conditions than others. We also look forward to the weather forecast for the coming days.

He. She Northwestern Spainunder which Galicia, Asturias and CantabriaIt is famous for its maritime climate. Strong Atlantic storms often originate here, which can cause continuous rain, strong winds, and sometimes floods. The rugged coastlines and mountains in these areas make the region more sensitive to extreme weather events.

In the Central part of Spainwith areas such as Madrid, Castile and LeonThere is a continental climate. Here dry, hot summers alternate with cold, wet winters. During transitional periods, such as spring, sudden weather patterns can cause disruptions. Heavy rains, hailstorms and even snowfall regularly occur here.

Along The Mediterranean Coastin areas such as Catalonia, Valencia, Murcia and AndalusiaThe weather is strongly affected by its proximity to the sea. Although it is generally sunny, storms and heavy rain are also possible here, especially when low pressure areas advance from the Mediterranean.

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