Daniel Kaminski (1979-2021) Preventing Internet Disaster

Daniel Kamensky was a penetrator of the right kind. You can rent it to see if the security of your computer system is just fine. But his most famous breakthrough didn’t make him rich.

In 2008, it was discovered that less intent hackers on the Internet could easily deceive website visitors. They can ensure that the requested website is a physical copy, so that the passwords typed in will fall into their hands. No one had any idea about it.

Find out at a young age that you can find windows open even in well-protected castles. His father had given him a simple computer when he was four years old; A year later he wrote programs for her. And when he was eleven years old, his mother received a phone call from the US military system official: Who was chasing their network? He threatened to disconnect the family from the internet, but Daniel’s mother, in turn, threatened to blame poor security for the defense network. They finished it in three days of no internet connection.

Twenty years later, the system administrator visited him at a hacker conference to thank him. Kaminski had lectured there about his discovery of that vulnerability that threatens the entire Internet.

Domain Name System

It’s about the Domain Name System (DNS), which tells internet users’ computers where to find the server handling requests, for example, pages within the domain “demorgen.be”. A malicious hacker can bombard computers in the DNS with requests for addresses within that domain, ultimately redirecting internet traffic directed at it.

After Kaminski discovered this problem, he gathered a number of leading internet software programmers and major computer companies to come up with a solution in secret. It wasn’t until the DNS system changed that such an attack was so hard to succeed that it even made its discovery public.

This was not his first pioneering discovery. In 2005, music and electronics company Sony was discredited because music CDs placed in a computer were secretly installed on the program. He had to prevent illegal copying of music and sending the information to Sony. Users had no idea and made their computers more vulnerable to viruses. Kaminski discovered that at least one infected computer had contacted Sony through at least half a million computer networks.

He helped people I love

He permanently turned down offers to lead the computer security department of large companies. He preferred to pursue his own interests. They were sometimes inspired by the problems of the people they loved. To make life easier for a color-blind friend, he created an app that tells the user the color of something. He indulged in the hearing aid technique because his grandmother became deaf.

When it became known that Kaminski had died of complications from diabetes, fond memories and praise for his technical achievements spread around the Internet. But there was also a virus of the type without a technical weed against crops: Fake News. Supporters of QAnon indicated that he was killed for being one of the “seven main guardians” of the Internet. Or, he died because he had recently received a second injection against the Coronavirus.

His family said: “Daniel was laughing at the idea that the conspirators would propagate against vaccination with his death.” “But it is painful to see his death spread lies about a vaccine he trusted.”

Daniel Kaminski He was born in San Francisco on February 7, 1979 and died there on April 23, 2021.

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