Danish researchers: “Eating in silence is better for your health” | Health

Researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark conducted a study on the food choices we make when we listen to music. It also examined whether and what effect the different styles of music had.

Scientists studied the behavior of different groups of people: one group listened to slow music, the other group listened to fast and less harmonious music, and one group listened to melancholy melodramatic sounds.


In the international scientific journal Appetite, researchers revealed that people who listened to slow music were more likely to choose a healthy meal. One possible explanation is that these people weren’t too distracted or experiencing negative emotions, which made them better able to make healthier choices.

A similar conclusion can be drawn from a similar 2013 study conducted by the University of Birmingham. Scientists have looked at the effect of environmental sounds (such as television sounds) on their effect on people. It turns out that we no longer eat only at that specific moment (because we are distracted), but also at the next meal.


This is probably because the choices we make are often guided by how we have acted in the most recent situations without even realizing it. This way we subconsciously ensure that our eating pattern remains in balance.

So experts say it’s best to have no background noise at all when we’re eating. Without music, we are less distracted, so we eat less and make healthy choices, they say.

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