De Croo should fill Rutte’s place at the European summit

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo will represent Mark Rutte on Wednesday and Thursday in Brussels at the Eastern Partnership Conference and European Summits. The Dutch Prime Minister was prevented from discussing in the House of Representatives the formation of the government. As a result, De Croo will act as a representative of the Benelux.

This is what the Prime Minister’s spokesman said. Rutte’s right-wing liberal VVD, the left-wing Liberal Party D66, the CDU and the Christian Socialist Union announced Monday night that they had reached a coalition agreement eleven months after the government fell and nine months after the elections. . Mark Rutte succeeds himself as Prime Minister. Because the House of Representatives will debate the outcome of those government negotiations on Thursday, Root will not be able to come to Brussels on Wednesday and Thursday for both summits with his European colleagues.

partner countries

Heads of state and government are scheduled to meet on Wednesday, starting from 4 pm, with the eastern partner countries of the European Union (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine), and a European summit will start at 10 am on Thursday. As president of the Benelux, De Croo will represent Rota.

Rutte is scheduled to travel to Brussels as soon as possible after Thursday’s parliamentary debate to take his place at the summit. But as the discussion will continue until 6pm, it remains to be seen if Rutte will show up on time. Exceptionally, the summit lasts only one day.

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