Dell wants to simplify working from home with Flow, Pari, Stanza and Luna

Dell introduced new applications for the home workplace for the upcoming CES conference. With its Flow, Pari, Stanza and Luna concepts, the tech giant wants to make working in the home environment easier.

Hybrid business is expected to continue to thrive and expand, and more and more technology companies are offering solutions for this. So does Dell now number of applications Make working at home more fun and easier. Certainly because of the limited space that employees can provide for a workplace in their home environment.

concept flow

Flow, offered by the tech giant, should make it easier to work with multiple devices. The concept includes a dock to connect all appliances in the workplace to the home. Think monitor, keyboard, mouse, and charger. The dock also connects wirelessly to the laptop via Bluetooth. When the laptop goes out of Bluetooth range, the external display is automatically encrypted and the connection is only reconnected when the employee returns to the Bluetooth environment. All connections and other functions, such as wireless charging of the laptop, are then restarted, and restored automatically, as if nothing had happened.

Paric . Magnetic Camera

The second concept presented, Pari, is a webcam. But what makes this wireless webcam stand out is that it can be placed on screens where someone wants it. For example, to get real eye contact in a Zoom meeting. The screen can also act as a kind of teleprompter in this way, so that scripts can be easily viewed from the screen.

The camera is built into a very small and compact housing with magnets that can be clicked on the screen. However, the Dell Pari camera does not work with all monitors. The display also must have a magnet before you can click the camera.

Moreover, the camera charges wirelessly when placed in the stand. This is done via a USB-C connection between the stand and the docking station. The camera weighs 30 grams and provides 1080p video quality over WiFi. The indicator light indicates when the camera is fully aligned. When end users want more privacy, they can flip the camera into a mount so that only the black cover is seen by other participants in the call.

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The tablet room at Project Luna

In addition to the Flow dock and the Pari magnetic webcam, Dell also introduces the Stanza concept. It’s an 11-inch tablet-like device without cameras, speakers, or other ports. With the help of a stylus you can take notes on the screen and by double tapping the notes are converted into digital text. It is also possible to draw charts or graphs. The tool converts raw drawings into perfect digital images. The jagged lines become full lines or circles.

The device can also be used as a second screen. Wirelessly, for example, a laptop screen can be duplicated in this way.

Project Luna In turn, he focuses on making PCs and laptops more sustainable. This tech giant project focuses on reducing the number of components that make up devices. From more compact cases, thinner and lighter screens, built-in ventilation instead of built-in fans to easily removable keyboards and less use of screws.

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