Despite sabotage, Iran goes one step further with nuclear weapons: now enriches uranium by 60 percent

Iran’s own performance is highly emphasized for domestic and foreign political reasons. As for the Iranian people, it is re-establishing its nuclear capability following Sunday’s sabotage attack on the Nazis. To the world, this is a warning that Iran will withstand any attack.

Significantly, under the terms of the nuclear deal negotiated under former US President Barack Obama, Iran was not allowed to enrich beyond 3.67 percent. Prior to that, when the agreement was not in effect, the concentration was 20 percent.

So the step for 60 percent is a significant and clear step in the direction of 90 – this is called “Armament grade uranium”, Suitable for the production of nuclear weapons. On the other hand, it is about low volume and deliberately slow production. The main thing for Iran Demonstration What more could it do than require or use this 60 percent uranium.

Iran’s most important goal is to be more involved in negotiations on a new nuclear deal. Preparation and study talks on this have been going on for ten days in Vienna. The United States is not yet on the same schedule as the Iranian delegation there, but diplomats from other countries (China, Russia, the United Kingdom, France and Germany) are seeking reconciliation through space diplomacy between Washington and Tehran.

One non-participating country is Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has no confidence in Iran. The question is how Israel will respond to the recent Iranian protests.

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