Digital Care Day 2021 – until next year!

What is Digital Care Day?
Every year, Digital Care Day falls on June 1st. Digital Care Day is an initiative of GezondheidsHuis and On this day we pay attention to digital developments in healthcare. We’ll talk to top speakers, healthcare providers, experience experts, and people who have had good (or less good) experiences with digital care.

Various media have chosen the first Digital Sponsorship Day of 2021. We are very happy with that because Digital Sponsorship Day matters to everyone. The more organizations, associations and companies have on Digital Care Day, the better. For example, Northern Health Care Center Organized a webinar that was also on the topic of Digital Care Day. Health House’s Ronald Helder has also been heard on NPO Radio 5. You can Here Listen to the radio part. This radio fragment It is also a good summary of what was discussed during Digital Care Day 2021.

Why is Digital Care Day necessary?
Digital care is vital, or at least becoming more important every day. Caring for people is people’s business and always will be. At the same time, the digital component is becoming increasingly prominent. We can deal with illness and recover in a smarter way. Digital healthcare is becoming more and more personalized and tailored. We’ll take a closer look at this during Digital Care Day. Because; Digital care should support you with your health!

Who is Digital Care Day for?
Digital Care Day is for everyone who is personally and/or professionally involved in health, disease, and recovery. He sees the digital component of the (near) future as a huge opportunity to help people better, as well as in Dutch healthcare.

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Digital Care Day 2022. Stay tuned!
Next year, we will once again organize Digital Sponsorship Day on June 1, 2022. We will announce the topic in advance via email. Do you want to be on the lookout for Digital Care Day 2022? you may Here Subscribe to our newsletter.

Would you like to speak at Digital Care Day 2022? Or would you like to organize something for a digital care day within your organization? Do not hesitate to contact us via this link. see you later!

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