DNA test shows that the world’s largest potato is not really a strange potato

A New Zealand couple think they’ve discovered the world’s largest potato in the yard of their small farm near Hamilton, on the country’s North Island. Their dream turned into mashed potatoes, after Guinness World Records wrote that a DNA test showed that the giant potato was not a potato at all.


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16-03-22, 12:11

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Last summer, Colin Craig Brown first hit the tuber with a shovel when he was gardening with his wife, Donna. The couple had named their discoverer “Dug the Spud”, after the way the giant 7.8 kilogram specimen was excavated. The man, who had never tasted a turnip before, said that it definitely tasted like potatoes.

After months of paperwork and photo submission, the couple received bad news from Guinness World Records last week. “Dear Colin, unfortunately, the specimen is not a potato, but in fact a tuber of some sort of squash,” the email read. “For this reason, we unfortunately have to exclude the app.”

This time definitely potatoes

Despite the disappointing news, the couple remain staunch supporters of Dug. The giant version is still in the fridge. “Every time I take a sausage out of the fridge, I say goodbye to it,” said Craig Brown.

The man said he hadn’t finished chasing the potato log yet. With all his research on giant potatoes, Craig-Brown is now ready to purposefully grow a potato tuber for the next seeding season. “And this time it’s definitely going to be a potato,” said the New Zealand man.

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Thus the current record for 2011 is maintained: a giant potato from Great Britain weighed just under 5 kilograms.

Donna Craig Brown keeps “Dug the Spud” in the yard of her small farm near Hamilton, New Zealand. © AP

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