Donald Trump hints again in 2024: ‘We may have to do it again’

Former US President Donald Trump is the preferred 2024 Republican presidential candidate for nearly 1,000 attendees at the CPAC’s annual right-wing conservative conference. Trump handily defeated Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, although the results are not representative of the broader Republican electorate.

The informal poll took place on the closing day of the American Conservative Conference, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), in Dallas, Texas. Just under 70 percent of attendees voted for Donald Trump as the Republican presidential candidate in 2024. His closest follower, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, is followed by 24 percent.

DeSantis is the outspoken pick of attendees if Trump isn’t a nominee, followed by Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. The results do not represent the broader Republican electorate. The CPAC is now a sort of gathering place for ultra-conservatives and Trump supporters.

Donald Trump has yet to officially announce whether he will run again in the 2024 presidential election, but he hinted at it during his two-hour speech in Texas. He launched a whole series of proposals. For example, the Ministry of Education should be abolished and there should be a strict ban on teaching “inappropriate” content to school children, he said. Trump also repeated his lie that current President Joe Biden came to power after a rigged election.

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