Donald Trump tested three days before discussing the election with Joe …

Donald Trump, the former US president, is said to have tested positive for the coronavirus three days before the election debate with Joe Biden on September 29, 2020. His former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, announced this in a new book to be published next week.

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Trump is said to have tested positive three days before the discussion, but then his test result came back negative again. The former president responded in a short message Wednesday that it was false news. “The story that I contracted coronavirus before or during the first debate is fake news. A negative test showed that I wasn’t sick before the debate.”

In his new post, Meadows wrote, “Nothing is stopping Trump” from facing his Democratic opponent in the 2020 election. The chief of staff said Trump had already tested positive on September 26 and showed symptoms of “mind cold.” Additionally, Meadows thought Trump appeared noticeably more tired.

The former chief of staff warned Trump about his positive test on his campaign trail. Trump tested himself a second time, this time with a Binax antigen test. The result was negative. At the debate itself, Trump arrived too late to be tested, says the journalist who moderated the debate.

After a brief period of discussion, on October 2, the White House announced that Trump had tested positive for the coronavirus. He was taken to the hospital and stayed there for three nights.

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