Downer for Johnson: US not yet involved in trade deal with UK | Now

News agency writes that the United States and the United Kingdom are unlikely to succeed in reaching a trade agreement before 2023 Bloomberg Saturday based on locals. US President Joe Biden believes that investments in their own economy and the difficult relationship with China are now a high priority.

The delay will have a major impact on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. His vision for England after Brexit was largely focused on his close relationship with the United States. He reiterated that the British economy would prosper as an internationally oriented trading nation that would strengthen Atlantic relations.

Apart from the trade agreement with Japan, Johnson has not yet succeeded in reaching comprehensive trade agreements with other countries. However, the British continued more than sixty trade relations with so-called third countries through the European Union.

Thanks to a previously passed law, Biden has the opportunity to expedite international trade agreements through Congress until July 1, 2021. That special power is unlikely to be renewed, as it is highly controversial in view of the 2022 midterm elections for Congress. Reports from government circles Bloomberg The Biden government did not want to use the remaining time for the deal with the United Kingdom.

The UK Department for International Trade now says a good trade deal is more important than a quick deal. “The UK has always made it clear that a broad and mutually beneficial agreement is more important than a pre-determined deadline,” a spokesman said.

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