Dozens of people were stuck for hours in a “terrible” European tunnel between France and England

Due to a technical fault in a train, dozens of passengers were trapped for hours on Tuesday evening in the Eurotunnel tunnel between France and England. Pictures on social media show many people in the service tunnel, and the attendees join in BBC their story.

Passengers were on the train between Calais and Folkestone when they suddenly refused service and stopped in the Eurotunnel between France and England. Dozens of people on board were evacuated and led into a service tunnel. From there, after hours of waiting for the train to Folkestone, they were put into Kent.

“The service tunnel was awful,” Sarah Fellows, 37, of Birmingham told the news agency. Palestinian Authority. “It was like a disaster movie. You just got in the dark and didn’t know what was going to happen. We all have to wait under the sea in a long line. One of the women was crying, the other was having a panic attack.” Another traveler disapproves of the situation as well. “A lot of people panicked. This tunnel is a strange place. We have been stuck there for at least five hours.”

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