Dozens of robberies on an Italian island: 400 residents …

The tiny Italian island of Capraia is under the influence of a series of mysterious thefts. Three police investigators have been placed in the case, and the entire 400 residents look at each other and point to each other as perpetrators.

Seems like Hercules Poirot’s story by Agatha Christie, but it’s very dangerous in Capraia. After all, it’s not about some petty theft or a lost vase. These are well-planned thefts. Stole at least 60,000 euros from a newspaper seller. The robbers also stormed the deputy mayor of the island. They left with cash and jewelry that were hidden in the furniture.

“Very sad.” Vice Mayor Fabio Mazzi replied, “As if you are being robbed by your family members.” They hit the right day. As if they knew I would be in Pisa. And they knew the house very well. “

Last year, the only bank on the island was closed, as many residents have a full home savings account. The mayor fears that the sense of community will completely disappear. “Friends, neighbors and relatives are suspicious of each other.” Marida Bessi said, “Our previously close community has already broken down.”

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