Dr. Disrespect no longer receives income from YouTube.

doctor. Disrespect has been in the news a lot in recent days, but it’s a negative. The popular streamer has been fired from his gaming studio following accusations that he sent inappropriate, sexually explicit messages to a minor.

doctor. Disrespect initially indicated that he was innocent, but after a few days he decided to confess to an extensive post on the social media platform X. The popular streamer admitted that he had sent messages to a minor, but it was all very innocent. There will be nothing illegal or criminal. However, the relationship between Dr. Disrespect and his Midnight Society studio, only to be completely broken up. Other founders no longer wanted to work with the popular streaming device.

Also YouTube where Dr. Disrespect will be live streamed, Kotaku noted. The broadcaster no longer receives any income. Because of the accusations. doctor. The Disrespect channel is no longer part of the YouTube Partner Program. His videos remain available online, but they no longer generate money because Dr. The disrespect violated the Cretor’s Liability Policy. According to a YouTube spokesperson, this is not a temporary decision, but Dr. Disrespect no longer monetizes YouTube videos.

“We have suspended monetization on Dr. Disrespect’s channel for violating our Creator Responsibility Policy.”

doctor. Disrespect was banned from the streaming platform Twitch in 2022. The reason was not announced at the time. The streamer then decided to start over, but on YouTube. Several sponsors of the popular streaming show have also ended their contracts with Dr. Disrespect involving gaming hardware manufacturer Turtle Beach has been resolved.

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Dr-Disrespect-Establishes-Midnight-Society-Game-Studio With Former COD-Halo Developers

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