Duathlon with Notelaar on a national holiday (Wuustwezel)

The organizers welcome sports enthusiasts to the De Dorens Sports Park.
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Wuustwezel / Loenhout –

De Notelaar is organizing a duo competition on July 21 in and around De Dorens Sports Park. There is also a small duo for children.

De Notelaar also presents a flower carriage every year during the show. They also organize a duo annually on the National Day. The 17th Duathlon consists of 5 km, 20 km by bike and another 2 km. This duo starts at 4 p.m. at Des Dorens Sports Park.

After the start, the participants run the circuit twice. The contestants then enter the transition zone. Here they take the bike or the cyclist relaxes them (for the duo). You must ride the bike path 4 times. Then, a change is made again in the transition zone and the sprint cycle is completed again to finish. The park tracks around the De Dorens sports complex are ideal for a running race: the tracks are well flat and there aren’t many sharp bends. The trail continues for a while over Dorensweg and Brechtseweg before returning to the park via the Tienpondstraat. The bike cycle goes through Brechtseweg, Neervenweg, Marsweg and Molenakkerstraat.

Mini Dithlon

With the youth duo, the organizers want to introduce children to recreational sports. “Here they can compete with their peers in a fun and playful way,” says co-organizer Luke Kouenberg. These youth competitions will take place in the early afternoon in the municipal park around the community centre. No registration fee is required to participate; The issue of keeping the threshold as low as possible. You can register via the website, so we can estimate the number of children involved.”

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