Dutch general practice awards 150 patients per accident …

An introductory general practice from Alphen aan den Rijn in the Netherlands gave a double dose of AstraZeneca vaccine to about 150 patients on Friday.

“We were very shocked when we discovered this bug,” says GP Rod Gable. The Telegraph. And of course we immediately asked ourselves: What are the consequences of that? Thankfully, it turned out to be really bad, according to an inquiry we made directly to RIVM (Dutch equivalent of Sciensano Health Institute, editor) And the manufacturer AstraZeneca. Patients may have more pain in their arms, but a double dose does not increase the risk of side effects. “

On Friday, general practice vaccinated nearly 700 municipal residents between the ages of 63 and 64 at a local vaccination center. “We work there with more different types of syringes than we are used to in practice,” says Jebel. “This is why an error occurred. I was in practice when a colleague told me, ‘We will go through the bottles very quickly. Then we discovered that they involved double doses.'” Immediately report the mistake to the Health Care Inspectorate.


While the vaccination campaign continued after that, with the correct amount of vaccine, Jabal and his colleagues later contacted nearly 150 patients who had taken turn up to that point. “We were now able to reach almost everyone. We apologized to all patients and made it clear that it had no serious consequences. People did not generally react angrily. Of course they weren’t happy with that either, but they seemed so considerate and happy that we called quickly. This is the most we can do.” with it “.

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Patients learned later that day that the Netherlands, as a precaution, was no longer providing AstraZeneca vaccines temporarily for people under the age of 60. Jabal says: “This came on top of that.” “Fortunately they don’t fit into that target group, and that makes a difference.” Unfortunately for him, news came during Saturday that the use of AstraZeneca vaccine would also be temporarily suspended for this target group … so that the vaccines would not be wasted.

So far, according to the GP, no patient has received double doses, which have been reported with noticeable side effects.

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