Dutch warship lost 4,000 liters of lubricant | abroad

Dutch naval ship Zr. Multiple sclerosis. De Zeven Provinciën lost about 4,000 liters of lubricating oil last month. This was reported by the Dutch Ministry of Defense. The ship lost oil in the Baltic Sea, where it was part of the NATO Permanent Marine Group 1 (SNMG1) fleet.

This NATO lightning force has been around since 2003, but was activated for the first time this year in the collective defense of the alliance due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Due to oil leakage into small parts, the leak was not immediately noticeable. This allowed thousands of liters of oil to drain before the crew knew it. The leak was later fixed and the cause of the leak is not yet known. The ship is now in Lisbon on a port visit.

SNMG1 is mainly active in the North Atlantic, North Sea, and Baltic Seas. The Netherlands currently leads the fleet. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said in February that the rapid force should provide a deterrent to Russia.

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