Dying Light 2: “500 hours required to complete the game”

According to the official Dying Light 2 Twitter channel, it will take you at least 500 hours to complete a Zombie RPG. If you only do main and side quests, you are said to be cute about 20% of the time.

Of course, now that only a few weeks after release, it’s time for Techland to focus our eyes on Dying Light 2. This seems to work if you like games that take up a lot of your time, because according to the developer, if you want to see and do everything in the game, You will be busy for at least 500 hours.

You can of course take this number with caution. This only applies to people who want to check every square inch of the game; Even if you go to all the accomplishments, you probably won’t be busy that long. There’s also a good chance that this will involve multiple gameplays; Since you can influence the story through choices, you won’t be able to see all the possibilities in one playing round.

This was followed by a large number of tweets from suspicious players. Techland quickly added the 500 hours it takes to complete 100% (and that few people will do). If you take your time in the game, you will finish the main story and side quests in about 70-80 hours. So it can be faster.

Well, another one then. A shorter trailer than the one above features Dying Light 2 graphics in 4K. Filled with beautiful pictures – yes, with RTX turned on.

Dying Light 2 will release on February 4th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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