Elden Ring’s lyrics in the game were written by Miyazaki, not George R. R. Martin

Elden Ring has been announced as a big surprise for the collaboration between FromSoftware and George R. R. Martin, author of “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Since then, more information about the collaboration has been released, and while Martin was responsible for creating the world and the legends of Elden Ring, director Hidetaka Miyazaki wrote the in-game script.

“In our FromSoftware way, the story is told in parts, and we haven’t changed our principle of providing the player with a world and narrative that they can interpret themselves,” said developer Yasuhiro Kitao.

Science can be discovered through the descriptions of the elements, but also through NPC Dialogue Contribute to The world building element, and Miyazaki “works on the lyrics, he writes the lyrics in the game.”

In an interview with IGN US earlier this year, Miyazaki explained that Help Martin build the world, including the lands between, and the central story. However, Martin himself said that he actually ended his contributions to the Elden Ring “years ago” and that development continued on the basis that Martin had laid.

Miyazaki praised Martin and said that his contribution to Elden Ring made the game more about characters than FromSoft games usually. “He delivered things we couldn’t have done ourselves in terms of rich storytelling, sense of character, and drama.”

Martin’s most famous work, of course, is about complex character dynamics and the way people interact as they try to seize power, so it makes sense. The in-game lyrics were composed by Miyazaki, bringing the influences of Martin and Miyazaki together on the Elden Ring.

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