Elizabeth Hurley wears a leopard bikini with lots of front

British actress Elizabeth Hurley is getting older. She was born in 1965 in Basingstoke, United Kingdom. Sometimes it seems that she is a few years younger due to the many adorable pictures of her in a bikini.This year, Elizabeth appeared in one movie, which is Father Christmas Returns Directed by Mick Davis and Philip Martinez. She can be seen alongside big names such as John Cleese as John Christmas and Kelsey Grammer as James Christmas. The actress can be seen as Joanna Christmas. There are also roles for Natalie Cox, Chris Marshall, and Ray Veron.

Elizabeth is known of course from comedy Fascinating and two Austin PowersFilms in which she appeared as Vanessa Kensington. It is mentioned on IMDb that the actress is her new movie oboe player already completed, Christmas in the Caribbean Sign up now and you’ll still be working with her Welcome to Georgia.

happy on Instagram
Just as we know Elizabeth, she appeared on Instagram in a bikini and this creates a lot of facade as always. This time the British are very happy too. “Yeeeessssss! Covid Booster today. Thanks ❤️” she writes. Elizabeth is a huge champion in vaccinations and sometimes seems to be the face of pharmacy PR.

Would you like to see 56-year-old Briton Elizabeth Hurley in a leopard bikini? View the image now here On her Instagram!

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