Energy poverty, indoor environment and health in West Brabant

Publication date: 06/25/2024 at 2:56 pm

One appeared recently condition In the Journal of Health Sciences We studied the relationship between energy poverty, the indoor environment and health in West Brabant. Energy poverty is linked to physical, mental and social health. Unhealthy indoor environment: dampness, mold, and/or inadequate ventilation in the home partly explain this association. Housing association tenants constitute a vulnerable group. They are more likely to experience energy poverty and an unhealthy indoor environment plays a greater role in their health, while they rely on the housing association to make their homes more energy efficient.

In collaboration with the Health, Environment and Safety team and with the support of the Healthy Living Environment Academic Workshop, we then began to look for improvements in prevention practices and policies in West Brabant. We worked closely with 22 experienced evaluators. Together with them we developed one Information Card With financially viable tips on clean air at home. Furthermore, energy transition and sustainability policy officials from a number of municipalities in West Brabant, the housing association and energy workers from Energiebox were interviewed. Energiebox operates in 6 municipalities in West Brabant and provides energy workers who help people suffering from energy poverty to make their homes more energy efficient. We have looked at how a healthy indoor environment can be linked to the practices and policies of municipalities, housing associations and energy workers. We have developed tips and key messages for this purpose.

The information and advice card was tested at national level in a Living Environment Atlas webinar, where Rivm and ministries, as well as different municipalities, also attended. We will be holding another Aedes Green Housing Academy webinar, so we can reach out to housing associations.

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In West Brabant, we presented the research results to the six municipalities that work with Energiebox energy workers. We have strengthened the training and materials for energy workers, so that more attention is paid to a healthy indoor environment. The information card will be used by the six municipalities when energy workers visit people suffering from energy poverty.

Read more? You can find the entire report and information card here.

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