Epic Holiday Gift No. 10 is an action-adventure game, which can be claimed for €0 until tomorrow at 5:00 p.m.

Epic Games is celebrating the holidays by offering no fewer than 17 games for free. The tenth game in Epic’s big Christmas giveaway is now available.

Every day a new game is made available for €0. You can claim this for free on your Epic Games account. You can then always play this game, because the game ends up in your Epic Games Store game library. The next day, you can claim a new game until 5:00 PM. Epic will offer a total of 17 games for free.

The first game in Epic’s big end-of-year giveaway was Destiny: The Legacy Collection. The second game was the DNF Duel fighting game. The third was single-player strategy RPG Melvor Idle. The fourth game was the racing game Art of Rally. Fifth was the open-world RPG Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition from the makers of Skyrim. Number six was the open world action horror game Ghostwire Tokyo. The seventh game was the science fiction RPG The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition, followed by the indie puzzle game Human Resource Machine and Cursed to Gold. Today it’s time for a new free game: the action adventure Cat Quest. You can now add this game to your game library absolutely free.

Cat Quest is a critically acclaimed indie game that has won several awards. In this game you play as a cat who carries a sword and goes on an adventure to defeat the evil Drakoth. Drakoth has kidnapped your sister. You’ll go on an adventure in the world of Felingard, taking part in numerous dungeons and becoming stronger with new loot to finally stop Drakoth once and for all.

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Cat Quest can be claimed for €0 on the Epic Games Store for PC until December 29 at 5:00 PM. Be quick because at 5:01 PM Cat Quest will be replaced by a new game.

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