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The European Union’s Court of Justice has condemned the use of glue stick by French hunters to catch birds. According to the European Union court, this technique is inconsistent with the European Birds Directive because it also results in “bycatch that can cause negligible damage to the species concerned”. The French government had already halted the controversial fishing technique last year pending an EU court ruling.

While the technique was restricted elsewhere in Europe for decades, until recently, five French regions around Nice and Marseille were allowed to hunt birds with sticky sticks. In “chasse à la glu” fishermen lubricate branches or sticks with glue so the birds cannot off the stick. With this ancient hunting technique, hunters mainly want to hunt black birds and castles.

Several animal rights organizations have contacted the French State Council against the controversial trapping technique. Then the Council of State referred the matter to the European Union’s Court of Justice. Pending this ruling, the French government has already discontinued the fishing method. The European Court of Justice has now ruled that the sticky-stick method is inconsistent with an EU bird directive. For example, the “traditional feature” of the stick method is not sufficient on its own to demonstrate that the method cannot be replaced by “another satisfactory solution”.

In addition, the use of glue stick can lead to “bycatch”, that is, the catching of species other than those caught. According to the court, these bycatch operations can only be achieved under strict conditions. For example, it may be related to only “very few specimens that are caught casually and for a short period”. Moreover, these bird species must be absolutely capable of “without major harm”.

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The Court of the European Union makes the final ruling to the French Council of State, but it is of the opinion that “it is very likely that captured birds will suffer irreparable injuries, even if cleaned, as this is inherent in the sticky sticks that damage their feathers. Birds. Can harm”.

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