Eva from Over My Corpse’s health deteriorates: ‘She fell asleep again’

Sad news for Eva from the series “Over My Dead Body”. She announced in a post on Instagram that her health condition is deteriorating and that she faces a difficult choice.

Bad News

On her Instagram account, Eva candidly shares her disease process. She also writes bad messages to her followers. And this is the case now too: it has grown again. They see that tumors are growing again in many places in the lungs. “The head is fine, the doctor said,” she writes. “This left me with a choice of whether I wanted chemotherapy, continuing with my pill regimen, which ultimately resulted in it continuing to grow (so there was a good chance I would be gone soon) or something very experimental.” They’re all not really “good.” Although I didn’t expect much difference today.


It’s a difficult choice for Eva, but fortunately she has already thought about it. I thought about it a lot in the weeks leading up to the hospital and shed a lot of tears about it. I never thought I would have to make this choice because I always believed this choice was made for me by my own lungs. Even though I really thought about not doing chemo anymore and was in tears over it, I still wanted to try chemo. It’s a combination of two chemotherapy treatments that you’ve had before, but not in this combination. They’re going to give me a reduced dose anyway, because I’m already a little weaker. “If I pull this one, I’ll get it four times over.”

First treatment

On Monday, June 24, Eva will begin the first treatment of the series. I have to start taking vitamins and get a vitamin B12 shot every now and then. The reason I speak strangely and hoarsely, my coughing comes from my lungs, and my nausea comes from previous treatment. Your stomach can simply take less. Radiation therapy for pain, we’ll wait a little longer. That’s why I’m now receiving pain medication.

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“How I feel about it: I feel bad because the end might be really close. I really hope that the chemo will work and that I can achieve another dream. But I really will and I’m especially proud that I’m still trying.

Source: Instagram
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