Eva’s health suddenly deteriorates due to the movie “Over my Corpse”.

Eva over my dead body

Eva shares (almost) everything with her followers, including the less positive developments. And her message hits home powerfully: “I’m asleep again.” They see that tumors are growing again in many places in the lungs. The doctor said the head was fine.

“This left me with a choice between whether I wanted chemotherapy, continuing with the pill, which ultimately resulted in it continuing to grow (so there’s a good chance it would be gone soon) or something very experimental,” she continues. They’re all not really “good.” Although I didn’t expect much difference today.

Difficult choice

“For me, this is a difficult choice, but fortunately she has already thought about this. I thought a lot about it in the weeks leading up to the hospital and shed a lot of tears because of it. I never thought I would have to make this choice because I always thought this choice was made.” Take it for me through my lungs.

Even though I really thought about not doing chemo anymore and was in tears over it, I still wanted to try chemo. It’s a combination of two chemotherapy treatments that you’ve had before, but not in this combination. They’re going to give me a reduced dose anyway, because I’m already a little weaker. “If I pull this one, I’ll get it four times over.”

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