‘Ever Given’ arrives next week, but merchandise owners need to be patient

It is a dart among hundreds of other arrows. On different locations You can see exactly where the Ever Given sails through the transceiver system that the ships have. The ship sailed at 9.7 kilometers per hour in the Mediterranean Sea off Greece and Libya on Thursday evening.

At a slow pace, the ships around them are traveling almost twice as fast. It is unclear why the pace is not faster.

After all, construction companies, shops, and other customers are eagerly awaiting the goods that have been on their way since March. The ship is expected to arrive in Rotterdam on Sunday evening, July 25, according to a port authority spokesperson.

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The ship visits only two countries in Europe, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. This means that goods destined for Germany will be taken ashore in Rotterdam and thousands of containers will have to be unloaded.

A spokesperson for ECT, which is responsible for re-shipping the containers, says that these containers are released no faster than usual. Indeed, when Ever Geffen arrives in Rotterdam, she will first have to dock, pending her release.

It may take a few days before there is room in the building. “Ships usually sail at set times. Then we include loading or unloading a ship in our plan and we don’t have to wait long. But Ever Given will of course come in the middle.”


Once the ship is allowed to dock at the first berth, it also takes a few days to unload the containers. For crowd deployment, the unloading takes place at two terminals, perhaps first at the Delta terminal and then the ship sailing to the Euromax terminal.

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“If a container is released from the ship, customs may want to take a closer look. Only then are the carriers allowed to collect the containers or they can be taken on board an inland vessel or placed on a train,” an ECT spokesperson said.

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The ship also contained seasonal products such as diaries, garden chairs, and umbrellas. Not every customer may be interested in taking the container. After all, this also costs money, while the products can no longer be sold.

“In principle, this is an issue between the customer and the shipping company Evergreen,” ECT says. “But we want to get a financial guarantee from Evergreen, so we don’t end up with thousands of containers,” said the loader, who declined to provide more information on the details of this “risk hedge.”


The Suez Canal Authority kept Ever Given on the chain for a long time because the authorities wanted compensation. $600 million (493 million euros) was requested, including reputational damage, salvage costs, labor costs and compensation for damages to the canal.

The two sides don’t want to say anything about the final deal but According to the Arab media After long negotiations, the ship was eventually released for $540 million and a new tugboat, because during the salvage the tugboat lost a huge claim to the insurance company (UK P&I Club).

moreover, According to Bloomberg News, Hundreds or thousands of claims are expected from owners of merchandise. Lawyers are expected to have years of work on the ship’s delinquency. At the request of the shipping company, the lawsuits have been suspended for two months, so that they can be dealt with together.

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