Ex-Soldier Doesn’t Take Hundreds of Animals Out of Afghanistan, Berri…

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A former British soldier who had set up an animal shelter in Kabul failed to evacuate hundreds of animals in his care. Pen Farthing has tried with all his might to get 200 dogs and cats and his staff out of the country in recent days.

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Farthing, a former British Army Marine and founder of the Nawzad Shelter in Kabul, has been trying for days to bring his animals on an evacuation flight for the British Air Force. On Thursday, the man drove with dozens of dogs and cats to Kabul airport. They barely escaped the bullets of the Taliban fighters, but after the deadly attack that had already killed more than 100 people, the man was forced to stop his attempt.

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According to Farthing, there were also problems with the documents that the Americans demanded to enter the airport. “The whole team and all the dogs and cats were inside the airport perimeter,” he wrote on Twitter. But we were rejected anyway, because President Biden changed the rules two hours ago. We went through hell to get there, and then we were thrown out: straight into the chaos of those devastating blasts.” Farthing thus loses hope. “I can’t do anything more than that.” The crew tells me to let myself go. They don’t think any stranger would be welcome here anymore.”

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Criticism of the minister

Farthing’s supporters have come under fire in recent days against British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace for obstructing a flight that could have led to the evacuation of the man, his animals and his staff. But Wallace responded forcefully on Thursday: “Let’s stick to the facts. No one stopped the flight. This is a myth. I just said no one should skip the waiting list.”

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