Exclusive beer goes under the hammer for a sample amount

The pint of British sisters Isabel and Olivia Kundi, who came out of the tube last Monday, were the most expensive in the UK. Their father, Ben Kandy, paid $ 755 (about 75,875), but sent his daughters to pour precious glass down their throats. But why pay so much for a glass of beer? Although pubs in the UK have been opening their terraces for some time, they were allowed to get customers back home this week. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals involving The Backhorse in South Stoke, near Bath. Beer lovers can submit their offers via eBay.

Tribute to the deceased wife

The pub promotion was a huge success: bids for exclusive beer poured in heavily. In the end, the Kandy family is lucky. Father Ben Kundi didn’t just pay that much for a simple pint: the promotion paid homage to his recently deceased wife Carol, a loyal viewer of ‘The Backhorse’. So the 875 euros that her husband paid for the beer went somewhat to Dorothy House Hospice Care, which maintained Carol at the end of her life. An association that provides psychological assistance to soldiers also received a portion of the money.

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It is not known if Olivia and Isabelle, who chose Italian beer Pirra Moretti, drank anything later.

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